Secondary Education

FabLabs are increasingly being adopted by second-level schools as platforms for project-based, hands-on STEAM education.

FABLAB Manorhamilton will offer schools tailored programs and workshops for Transition Year students as well as supporting second-level science, IT and business education programs.

Key education benefits will include :

  • Access to cutting edge digital fabrication tools and a teacher preparation programme for familiarisation on the new technologies and introduction to the future of manufacturing.
  • An integrated programme of workshops which tie into the school curriculum with special focus on STEAM subjects and real-world contexts using innovative technologies that are not yet widely available.
  • Students will learn how to bring their ideas to life as they are guided through a cycle of imagination, design, prototyping and building products of the future.
  • Participation in collaborative activities that encourage students to support and mentor each other as well as acquiring deep knowledge about the machines, materials, design process and engineering that goes into invention and innovation.
  • Introduction to software tools for 3D modelling, engineering design and electronic prototyping.
  • Access to fun and easy to use robotic technology and sensing equipment.
  • Understanding of the wide ranging opportunities within digital fabrication and the impact this progressive technology has on various industries and careers.